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Foundation Spoken English Course (A1) – Classroom training

The Courses Description:

This foundation level English speaking course from Oracle International Language Institute is ideal for students with very little knowledge of spoken English and who struggle to speak English in their daily lives. This spoken English course is filled with short activities and English conversation, to practice the English language of everyday tasks, such as shopping, going to the bank, speaking on the phone, talking about clothes etc. In every English class, you will work in pairs to polish your spoken English skills, making it fun and easy to learn and improve your English. Each English lesson includes a practice dialogue, follow-up activity and the chance to write and practice your own dialogue.

Who says grammar is boring? This Foundation English speaking course is loaded with useful everyday English language, that will not just boost your English grammar skills but will also help develop and improve your English fluency. Each English speaking lesson plan includes a variety of group activities, written drills, sentences and question building tasks and verb conjugation exercises.

The English lesson plans at Oracle International Language Institute are carefully designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by beginners in English. We are sure you would enjoy learning English and pick up the required vocabulary faster to improve your English quickly and easily. Come on in – Let’s get started.

Course Module In Details

  • Starting with basics
  • The verb ‘TO BE’.
    That’s where you start, learning with most irregular verb in the English language.
    Learn how to link the verb to form simple English sentences.
  • Tiny Conversations
  • Saying hello. Saying good bye. Sharing personal information. Saying thank you. Saying sorry. Talking about colours. Asking for time. Asking for help. Knowing the English calendar. Talking about numbers in English. Understanding opposite pairs. Paying at the store/Mall. Talking about preferences.. and much more. You will learn conversations related to real life.
  • Testing Time (Review What You Have Learned)
  • Now it’s time to review what you have learned. You would be tested and evaluated by your teacher and a course completion certificate would be awarded based on your performance.. You are done – Go showcase the newly acquired fluency in your English language to the world. To take the your English language to the next level – Try our other English modules, as learning English never ends at Oracle International Language Institute
  • Essential Grammar In Use
  • Simple present tense – Talking about your daily routine. Your weekly schedule. Asking Do you/Are you questions. Free time questionnaire.
    Present continuous tense – Talking about a relaxing vacation you had.
    Learning Simple present vs Present continuous. Past simple tense – Talking about your daily routine in past tense. Your work routine. The last vacation you had. What did you do last weekend. Using the expression ‘Used to’. Using ‘was’ and ‘were’.Learning Past continuous tense – Talking about routine chores. Learning simple future tense – Using the verb ‘Going to’. Talking about next week/month/year plans.Learning prepositions – Talking about frequency. Using ‘How often’.
  • Talking About – Real Life Conversation Practice
  • English conversation to speak in the real world. In this section of this English class you will learn how to talk about – Your feelings. How to express different emotions. Your family. Your job and occupation. Clothing and accessories. Shops, Malls, department stores and your most favorite activity shopping. Climate and weather. Travel and transportation. Sports activities. Sickness and injury ( Saying a ‘Hi’ to the doctor). Animal… and many more real life English conversations which are updated regularly.

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