Our Objective (We Create Leaders For Tomorrow)

1. Pre Training level evaluation – to judge the needs of the students/individual participants and to categorize them according to their skill-level plus their degree specialization and future goals.

2. Form batches/classes of 10 - 15 students each according to the pre training assessment. All students with lower skill-level will be put in a separate class and students with better skill-level will be put in a separate class. Also, students with particular degree specialization and future goals will be put in classes that will offer specific elective topics to achieve their goals. This will enable us to focus on the specific need areas of each student and to ensure that the time they spend in the training program is effective and leads to measurable improvement.

Please note: Maximum Batch Size will be 15 students per class

3. The training delivery will vary according to the needs of each batch/class.

4. Students' progress in the training program will be assessed every week and each student will be graded at the end of the training program.

Assessment Techniques

  • Video-recorded Assessment - By recording performance of students in various activities.
  • Situational Assessment - Through a standardized checklist for each type of activity/ role play.
  • External Assessment - By inviting external domain experts.
  • Verbal Assessment - Through a viva voce.
  • Written Assessment - Through objective and subjective type questions
  • Self Assessment - Through standardized questionnaires
  • Other Innovative Assessment Techniques


  • Knowledge delivery by trainer
  • Video case studies
  • Role plays/mock scenarios
  • Video-recorded activities
  • 360 degree feedback – from trainer, peers and video recorded
  • Regular and comprehensive assessment


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