• Duration : 3 Months - 1 Year
  • Timing : 9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
  • Batch Size : 7-10 Students


English is the most widely accepted and spoken language all around the globe. The language has evolved as a medium of cross cultural communication throughout the whole world. Other than literacy and education there has not been any skill expect English which has been this impactful. More than 70 percent of the content on the internet is in English language. English is an important skill required for economic competitiveness at both the individual, national international levels. Proficiency in the language corresponds with higher incomes, better quality of life, greater connectivity, and more innovation.

English For All

English for KIDS:

At Oracle we put in our best efforts to indulge children in the method of infotainment. We aim to provide the enrolled kids with an interactive atmosphere where they learn through play way methods. Our specially designed courses aim to provide the best skills for the required age group.

English for BUSINESS:

The institute offers a wide range of information and learning for the working professionals so that they can increase their scope in working overseas which would help them them to grow their business.

English for EMPLOYEES:

The institute provides the employees to improve their language skills and build proficiency in the language. Also the course enables the individual to develop a sense of confidence which helps the individual to perform better at the workplace.

English for ADULTS:

As English language is the global language and therefore it is very important to have a hands on training in the language. Such skills enable the adults to be identified as talent required at the global workplace. Course at the institute helps the individual to refine the required skills and training.


At Oracle, the student is able to learn from our professional and hardworking teachers. The material and modules provided by the institute includes everything which is needed to improve the skills and master the language. Most of the institutions abroad require proficiency in the language. The examinations like IELTS and GRE also require proper and specialised training in the language.


The Oracle International Language Institute has been pioneer institution in teaching English across all ages and professions. The course taught at Oracle promises to cover all the phases and aspects which are important and crucial in learning the language.

At Oracle:

  • 1. We Focus on overall understanding of the language: fluency, grammar, presentation, and writing.
  • 2. Form small batches of 10-12 students to ensure quality education.
  • 3. Regular assessment of students in a comprehensive manner.
  • 4. Activities like role play, video case study, etc. to facilitate all around understanding.
  • 5. 360-degree feedback mechanism.
  • 6. Flexible batches for kids, professionals, doctors, engineers.
  • 7. We have highly qualified and experienced Faculties conducting interactive classes based on simple yet innovative methods to teach languages.
  • 8. Every student is precious to us. So we have created positive learning environment for our students where all learners feel confident and motivated.

English Course

Programme Levels Number of Days Duration Frequency
Regular Basic 90 Days 2 Hrs. Daily 4 Days / Week
Regular Intermidiate 90 Days 2 Hrs. Daily 4 Days / Week
Regular Semi - Advance 90 Days 2 Hrs. Daily 4 Days / Week
Regular Advance 90 Days 2 Hrs. Daily 4 Days / Week
Weekend All Levels 90 Days 3 Hrs. Daily Sat / Sun


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