• Duration : 3 Months - 18 Months
  • Timing : 9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
  • Batch Size : 7-10 Students


Chinese Language Course

Chinese itself is not a single language, but a language family. The Chinese languages are mutually unintelligible. The fact that these languages share a common history and vocabulary it is usually much easier for a speaker of one Chinese language to learn other Chinese languages. 1.2 billion People use the Chinese language as their first language. Mandarin (one of the forms of the language) hold the status of official language in Mainland China, Singapore, and Taiwan, whereas Cantonese (another form) is the official language of Hong Kong and Macau.

French is spoken as the first language in France, Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick as well as other Francophone regions, Belgium, Western Switzerland, Monaco, parts of the United States, partly in Luxembourg and in Northern Italy. Also, it is the most studied language worldwide.

As we account the history of French, it is considered to be an international language of literature and scientific standards and is a primary or second language of many international organizations including the UN, the EU, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the WTO, and the International Olympic Committee.


  • China has a booming economy and is the rising global superpower which gives an individual an undivided advantage in the global job market and future prospects.
  • If one wishes to do business with the countries speaking Chinese, proficiency in the language would be beneficial to promote business.
  • China is one of India’s largest and reliable partners. A lot of capital has been invested in sectors such as automotive parts and consumer electronics. Fluency in the language opens a lot of career opportunities for a job seeking individual.
  • Expertise in the language also enables an individual to apply as translators and interpreters, content writer, proofreader, editor, researcher, teacher (nationally and internationally), etc.
  • Ability to speak Chinese language will enhance your job opportunities in the following fields: International business, international agencies, tourism and hospitality industry, diplomatic services, post offices, and several MNC companies in India dealing with Chinese companies in field of production, trade (import, export), BPO, call centres, etc.


  • 1. We Focus on overall understanding of the language: fluency, grammar, presentation, and writing.
  • 2. Form small batches of 10-12 students to ensure quality education.
  • 3. Regular assessment of students in a comprehensive manner.
  • 4. Activities like role play, video case study, etc. to facilitate all around understanding.
  • 5. 360-degree feedback mechanism.
  • 6. Flexible batches for kids, professionals, doctors, engineers.
  • 7. We have highly qualified and experienced Faculties conducting interactive classes based on simple yet innovative methods to teach languages.
  • 8. Every student is precious to us. So we have created positive learning environment for our students where all learners feel confident and motivated.



A1: A lot of motivation is given to the learner to express his/her feelings, opinions and needs in the same language. The learner will be able to understand and use common expressions and very simple sentences. The learner will be able to introduce himself/herself and freely ask general questions from others.

A2: The learner will be able to read and write simple sentences and paragraphs. A lot of emphases is given on the grammar and pronunciation of the language. The clear understanding of the basics is given a lot of significance. The learner will be able to communicate in general daily tasks.

B1: The learner will be able to improve their speaking ability and fluency. Also, a clear understanding of the language will be developed and he/she will easily be able to express himself/herself on a range of topics related to personal interests, work, and other familiar topics.

B2: A great importance is given to provide the learners with space where they can learn and communicate freely in the language. She/he will learn new idioms, expressions and will master the creative use of the language. The learner will be able to create comprehensive and detailed text on a wide range of topics.

C1: The learner will be able to write letters and will have a hands-on practice to use the language in a smooth manner. The learners are given a thorough knowledge about the literature, history, and culture of the language.

C2: The learner will have a great command on the language. The learners are instructed to practice novels, magazines and a variety of assignments. The learner will be able to understand, read and write the language with ease and will achieve perfection in all the circumstances.


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